Jolly Jellies


Project Details

Technologies: Unity3D

Team Size: 8

Project Duration: 48 hours (Global Game Jam 2017)

Project Page: Global Game Jame entry page


cute Beat 'm up mayhem

Jolly Jellies is a Global Game Jam 2017 entry, where up to four players can fight it out on the abandoned fancy fair grounds of a radioactive town with jellied candies mutated to life. Using their internal energy, the jellies must attempt to launch the other jellies back into their own slime gate. The more a jelly gets hit, the more they get launched. Damage control is a must.

During development I was the team lead and half of the design team. I managed the amount of time spent, made sure rudimentary deadlines were met within the 48 hours and made sure all team members were in good shape by reminding them to rest and taking care of them. The main gameplay balancing, mechanics and combat design were all part of my tasks during development.

This project is being considered for further development and release.



For this Global Game Jam project, being the senior student and wanting to give the first years the best GGJ experience, I took upon me to manage the team. Contributions included:

  • Set up a Perforce server for version control and better workflow
  • Set up a project management tool (HacknPlan) for good time management and clear project overview
  • Assign tasks and manage the team for optimal efficiency and productivity
  • Design all gameplay with the other designer

Team Lead

As team lead and close friend of the group members I wanted to give them the best experience possible. I took care of all the back end logistics to give the team the best means of success. A private revision control server and useful project management tool appeared to have made the development drastically more efficient.


For this short project my responsibilities in the design department was everything from start to finish. Working together with the other designer, we established the rules, mechanics, controls and level design from scratch for the most entertaining end product. We researched successful versions of other games and analysed which elements to use to ease the workload on the team and meet the fast deadline.




  • Team morale management was my top priority and I still get told it was a great experience, which makes me think I was rather successful
  • Improvement on researching games and successful elements within those games to create the best base for the game in development


  • Managing an overenthusiastic team member who refused to sleep for the first 24 hours, to make sure he was in good shape
  • Find work to do once all the design was complete and all tasks were assigned without exceeding the scope


  • Keep developing the leadership skills that motivate and energise team members and keep them in good shape and a good mood
  • Keep developing my scripting knowledge, strengthening my technical designer skillset



Jasper Klaus

Xandra van Antwerpen

Iris Voet

Laura de Looff


Yero Pharaoh



Bob Verhoef

Lars den Herder


Bart Schut

Lars Kruik