Bomb Voyage


Project Details

Technologies: Unity3D

Team size: 13 people

Project duration: 5 months (February 2015 - June 2015)


Exploding chaos for everyone

Bomb Voyage is a action puzzle game with an explosive nature. Players get to place explosive crates in an environment and try to destroy structures, whilst simultaneously trying to complete objectives. The game is aimed at a broad audience, including younger children.

During development I was the team lead, responsible of organising all departments, facilitating communication, and report progress to lecturers on a weekly basis. Additionally I was the main gameplay designer, creating new mechanics and creating levels for the game.

This project is being considered for further development and release.



As team lead and producer, it was my task to keep the development team on track, ensure communication between departments went smoothly, and that the project was of an acceptable quality standard in addition to design the gameplay and mechanics for the game.

  • Planning, resource management, estimations
  • Weekly progress reporting to lecturers
  • Progress tracking
  • Department communication management
  • Design the core concept and mechanics
  • Level design


As the producer of the team, I had to meet with the supervising lecturers on a weekly basis, give a full progress report, do a risk assessment, and provide a plan for the next week and risk mitigation. I furthermore had to set deadlines and do long term planning to ensure the project met the milestone deadlines.

Team lead

Aside from the producer tasks, the team lead aspect of my tasks was to ensure smooth communication between the departments and to maintain a unified vision of the project. No major conflict occurred during development, which many team members credit to my team unifying efforts and clear vision of the project. Additionally, I was responsible for keeping the art lead keep on track, as he was slightly falling behind on his responsibilities.


At the start of the project the design team was only two man strong. The core concept was decided during a team wide brainstorming session, the details were then refined by the designers, including the explosive types, objectives and overall theme of the game. For the remainder of development I created levels surrounding the mechanics and tested them for viability.




  • A significant improvement in team leadership, communication and management
  • Improvement in my planning, resource management, progress tracking, and reporting skillset
  • Enhanced concepting and design skillset
  • Employed adaptive design, guarantee each new element works before adding a new one


  • Being the first time in a leadership position was accompanied with many insecurities. Through dedication, the project was a great success though
  • The team member appointed as art lead did not take his responsibilities seriously, causing most artists to come to me for guidance. This added quite the extra workload on me, but I successfully managed to keep the project on track


  • Continue development on Bomb Voyage to potentially fully release the game with the team
  • Develop leadership skills further for potential opportunities
  • Further develop design skills to potentially create my own games


Bomb Voyage was awarded best game for that respective project block.




Lars den Herder

Steven Lee Dias Morais

Rebecca Falktorp


Alex Meesters

Marcel Missler

Ivar Slotboom


Jasper Klaus

Iris Voet

Jasper Licht

Simon Pardon

Producer/Team Lead

Lars den Herder

Design Lead

Steven Lee Dias Morais

Art Director

Dennis Luijsterburg

Tech Lead

Jimmy Koene