Explosive Alchemy


Project Details

Technologies: Unity3D, Razer Hydra motion controller

Team Size: 5 people

Project Duration: 48 hours (Global Game Jam 2016)

Project Page: Global Game Jam entry page


Puzzle game using motion controls

This game is about being a medieval alchemist, decoding ancient cryptic scrolls to make potions. The game was made within 48 hours, as is customary during Global Game Jam. Players have to progress through the scrolls, and the game is based on a high score system. The more consecutive scrolls you decode and potions you make, the higher the score. Failing one puzzle or running out of vials ends the game.

During this Jam I was responsible for the main gameplay design, the level building and coded the main menu in C#.



During this short project, my responsibilities were UI/UX design in menus and in the game, as well as some gameplay design following a given theme.

  • Create menu icons and C# scripts constructing a functional menu for publishable quality
  • Design core gameplay and controls


During the project I did some basic C# scripting to make a functional menu for the game to be in a polished enough state for release on the GGJ website.


For the project I designed with the rest of the team the core gameplay mechanic following the provided theme. I furthermore created some button mappings for simplified gameplay flow during gameplay.




  • Basic C# scripting has improved for use within Unity3D
  • Enhance design skill set using unique motion controllers


  • Working with hardware none of the members had previously worked with made us having to learn the API completely
  • Scripting with little prior C# knowledge was time consuming for attempting within the time constraints of a Game Jam


  • Improve skills in development for emerging technologies, such as the Razer Hydra to enhance my technological design skills
  • Improve scripting skills further to strengthen my abilities as a developer


Birk Denecke

Dastina Falktorp

Mark Hofma

Robbie McDonald

Lars den Herder