About me


I'm Lars, a game designer with a focus on technical, level and narrative design. My passion is to create and fill universes with countless characters, stories, and locations for players to lose themselves in.

I am driven by my passion for games. My goal is to make entertaining and immersive games for players to explore, and hopefully inspire them to make games the same way every developer inspired me along the way when playing their games, be it a AAA title or a one-man indie game.

Design philosphy


Everything I design is backed by the idea of making the experience unique, memorable, and most importantly fun. A gamer at heart, I often use the question "Would I play this game?" as a self check on my work.

Well crafted

I strongly believe that games should be of the highest quality that can be achieved, to give the players the best experience possible when playing. I work iteratively to create the best possible game experience.


I always fully dedicate to a project, ensuring the game is going in the direction it has to be headed. I work tirelessly to create a great atmosphere to work in, having everyone around me work with their best effort with shared passion and resolve.