Technical Level designer

Unannounced Title - Slightly Mad Studios


Task outline:

  • Level gameplay design

  • Mission scripting in custom language

  • Mission whiteboxing

Technical and Puzzle designer

Da Vinci's WOrkshop


Task outline:

  • Puzzle design

  • Technical design

  • UE4 Blueprinting

Weapon design and quality assurance

Mech simulator


Task outline:

  • Quality Assurance lead

  • Combat Design

  • Weapon Design

Team lead, gameplay and level designer

Bomb voyage


Task outline:

  • Team Management

  • Reporting Progress

  • Gameplay Design

  • Level Design

Team lead and lead Designer

Jolly Jellies


Task outline:

  1. Team management

  2. Gameplay design

  3. Level design

  4. Scripting (C#)

User Interface and Experience design

Explosive Alchemy


Task outline:

  • Gameplay design

  • User flow

  • Particle effects